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Add Your Heading Text Here As the days inch closer to the day of #Halalan2022, we the voters will need to become familiar with the candidates so we can determine who deserves our vote. Need some help to decide on the top 12 Senators to

We urge all youth of this generation to participate in building our reimagined nation by campaigning and agenda founded on democracy and inclusive participation, rights and freedoms, crafted by the Filipino Youth and for the benefit of the Filipino Youth.
“Benevolent dictatorship” is an oxymoron - a figure of speech composed of antithetical concepts. Despite its incongruity, this phrase and near-synonym “benevolent autocracy” have been applied to regimes of political leaders throughout history with the presumption of “benevolence” based on leaders’ stated intentions regardless of
Contribute to the ensuring a people-powered, rights-centered, and just leadership for 2022-2028 and Beyond
Voting for Ka Leody is not a vote for a Marcos-win. They do not come from the same source. They do not speak from the same desire. If Marcos wins, fault lies in many other factors as is the case for a Leni or a

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