Who We Are

The core of the collective is comprised of artists, students, young professionals and development workers. Fueled by passion and a strong commitment to serve, this bunch of individuals try not to take on the humongous tasks ahead with grim faces and extol the virtues of joy and humor in everything they do as they continue to inspire people to be heroes in their own right.



The president of Dakila is a four time Palanca awardee and arguably the hottest man on television today (We got paid for this).  Known for his quirky lines like, “Ang tunay na lalake, walang abs,” it’s no wonder that he has captivated the youth in his a-lot-of-times sarcastic-but-very-witty social commentaries whether in his show, Word of the Lourd or through the songs of his band, Radioactive Sago Project. He has gained millions of audience who listen to his words of wisdom and who lines up for hours if just to get their books signed. He and his show have done what other celebrities and other shows have failed to do: make the youth interested and involved in social issues surrounding the country.

Lourd de Veyra is one of Dakila’s founder, current president, and of course, Spot.ph’s Most Sexy Ugly Hottie of 2010. More than that though, Lourd graduated with a degree in journalism from UST, has won Free Press Literary Awards several times, and has published several books.

This is Lourd de Veyra – rocker, journalist, tv host, writer, intellectual, pop culture icon. Yes, this is the man behind the line, “Umasal lamang nang ayon sa ganda” but this is also one of the men (and women) who formed Dakila. And our Lourd has always said, “True revolution begins in the imagination.”



Noel Cabangon has captured the nation’s heart when he sang during Philippine President Noy’s inauguration and made all politicians present pledge to be “Mabuting Pilipino”.  He epitomizes the power of art in his ability to provide elegant social commentary without sacrificing melody and heartfelt expression.

The voice behind the activist theme song “Tatsulok” and the hit pop revival “Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko” is Noel Cabangon. He has crossed musical boundaries from progressive tunes to cheesy love songs. As a musician, Noel’s songs promote Filipino values – from love of country to good citizenship. As a prime mover of the industry, he is President of FILSCAP, Vice President of OPM and founder and currently Vice President of Dakila. As a change maker, he remains active in various NGOs and causes – from environment advocacy to debt relief.

Noel’s genius is rooted in his ability to touch the lives of his audience through his songs. He impresses his public not only through his skill but his ability to convey emotion through his music.

Like a true troubadour, Noel Cabangon has the unique ability to bring people together – whether it be in reflecting their personal stories through his songs or expressing their collective aspirations as a nation. Indeed, Noel Cabangon has captured the heartbeat of the nation and presented it in a way that not only shows them what we are but what we aspire to be – an achievement that is truly outstanding.



Leni epitomizes a whole new brand of activism by marrying her strong stance and principles with innovative and creative forms. This remains true to her personality – solid and colorful at the same time. Being in the development work for more than 12 years, clearly, Leni is head-over-heels in love with her country in the same way she loves the color pink. She is the driving force behind the wide array of personalities in the organization and at the helm of all hullaballoo in Dakila as its Secretary General.

Leni took up BA Organizational Communication at the University of the Philippines Manila and ventured into NGO work first as a student leader and as an officer of the National Federation of Student Councils and then as Special Projects Coordinator and Finance Director of the labor group, Partido ng Manggagawa. She also worked as a Program Assistant for Save the Children Sweden before dedicating her time in running the artist organization, Dakila.

Leni’s vast experience in running advocacy campaigns has led her to her true passion – marrying art and advocacy to inspire a young generation towards social involvement. Her rock and roll journey is far from over as she seeks unexplored paths to strike the balance between working for genuine social change and holistic personal development.



Do not be deceived by her girly demeanor. She is smart and outspoken and is not afraid to face dirt hurled at her — in politics, discussions, and even in sports. She was Chairperson of UP Diliman College of Social Sciences and Philosophy’s student council in 2007-2008, was Alliance Command Head of Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan from 2005-2007, a  member of UP Touch Rugby Club from 2006, captain of UP-CSSP Volleyball Varsity Team from 2005, and member of Women Pilot’s Association Philippines also from 2005. Steph is BA Political Science graduate from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

As a student leader, she has been at the forefront of student movement campaigns such as the Millennium Development Goals, Student Charter Revisions, Youth Against Debt and the Campaign for Good Governance. As an advocate, she led the Tiktok Pilipinas campaign of Dakila and Oxfam International and has actively been involved in environment advocacies.

Steph does not possess any super power but she surely can go down the depths of the sea and fly up above the sky, literally. A certified pilot and scuba diver, Steph is a living proof that a woman can certainly do what a man can do, that we can do anything we set our hearts on, and more.



A spoken word artist whose alter-ego is Miko Pepito, he’s got rhyme and rhythm not only in music and poetry but also in making a difference in society. Miko also heads the Membership committee of Dakila,

Miko bursts with a multitude of talent. As a music producer, Miko’s clients are performers and game developers here in the Philippines and around Asia. Miko plays bass for the band, Nityalila and dabbles as a director and host for live shows. He is also an improv actor and gives creative development workshops.

Miko conquers the stage as a member of the comedy-dance group Cardio Boys and as a spoken word artist. He spawns witty socially conscious lyrics and music as songwriter and segment host of the musical news program Remix Report.

A jack of all trades, Miko also engages in audio production, basic video editing, website design, and graphic services through his company, Bagani Music. Miko is a BS Architecture graduate from the University of Sto. Tomas but in his heart, he truly just wants to be inspired through creative wonder.



Micheline is a multi-awarded artist specializing in digital media, creative consultancy and advertising. As the creative genius behind Dakila, she heads its Publicity and Media committee. Just like that character from a romantic movie, Micheline is the artist-activist who loves sparking discourse minus the angry, manic-depressive part.

Micheline graduated from UP Diliman College of Fine Arts with a major in Visual Communication. Having served as Senior Copywriter at Media Agency of the Year, she conceptualized and produced digital-led campaigns that garnered awards from all over the world for creativity, effectivity, and innovation. These projects have ranged from a global digital-led 360 campaign, social media-based brand advocacy-building, viral video marketing, applications, blogger promotions and new media innovations.

Mich bagged the Grand Prize of Nokia Cinemaiksi Mobile Flmmaking Competition 2009, the Gold Award for the Araw Best Use of Media 2009 for the DOT Awesome Philippines Ad and the Innovative Boomerang 2009 for the DOT Second Life Ad. She also won the Best Creative Campaign and Best Use of Social Media for the Icon Awards in 2010.
Mich is a freelance graphic designer and creative consultant. Her clientele includes Oxfam International, And Bagong Luman Foundation, Inc., PETA, and UNDP. She headed the PR of the highly successful Wunderground United – a campaign for the bid of the Puerto Princesa Underground River to be one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Mich is currently involved in developing social entrepreneurship projects both online and off, as well as lurking around the Internet absorbing information and sparking discourse.

Did we forget to tell you that she is the creative genius of Dakila?



Darlene is a social media enthusiast and digital business development specialist. At present, she is Human Nature’s social media manager.

A journalism graduate from the University of the Philippines Diliman, she served as an advocacy and research officer for the national peace and human rights group Sulong CARHRIHL. Pursuing her love for writing and digital media, she wrote monthly articles and blogged for Children’s Chance for Tomorrow Foundation, a non-profit organization catering to abandoned and orphaned children. In her past work, she kicked up a storm planning, managing, and monitoring campaigns at Creating Skies, a technological company for strategic business and communication.

At present, Darlene geeks out while heading the Education and Training committee of Dakila and spearheading the digital and social media campaigns of Human Nature, a pro-poor, pro-Philippines, and pro-environment social enterprise. She’s a true proud geek with a really amazing heart.



More known for his comedic antics as Tado and putting the letter “T” in BrewRATs, there’s more to this long-haired comedian than just being funny. An activist himself, Tado has a slew of advocacies which include anti-drug use, tobacco control, labor rights, and anti-naming of government projects.

Tado was part of shows such as Magandang Tanghali Bayan and Art Jam but it was his TV show Strangebrew and radio show The BrewRATS!, together with Ramon Bautista and Angel Rivero, that made Tado gather hoards of fans who call themselves Brewsters.

But before Tado even became Tado, he had worked different jobs such as a staff in a mental hospital, a waiter, a scriptwriter for television and a photojournalist. He graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) with a degree in psychology. While in PUP, Jimenez was influenced by his artists friends, causing him to be involved in theater, painting and photography. He eventually studied film making at the Mowelfund Institute. He was President of the artist group, Panday Pira and led the cultural alliance Anak Sining. He is also guitarist and front man of the band Gitaw 1863 and Live Tilapia.

Tado is one of Dakila’s founder and currently the head of the Advocacy and Campaign committee. His unusual creative mind blurts out genius campaign ideas such as Dakila’s “Ang Mabuhay Nang Dahil Sa Iyo”, a play on the Philippine National Anthem’s last lines to emphasize the brand of heroism Dakila advocates.



The versatile Ronnie Lazaro is considered one of the country’s finest actors and has appeared in some of the most critically acclaimed films in recent Philippine cinema history including Oro, Plata, Mata, Misteryo sa Tuwa, Bayani, Sa Pusod ng Dagat, Raymond Red’s Cannes-winning short film Anino, Jose Rizal, Bagong Buwan, Hubad sa Ilalim ng Buwan, Heremias and Sigaw just to name a few.

The Bacolod-born Ronnie is also a veteran stage actor and produced the play ‘Hiblang Abo’. He has also exhibited some of his artworks in Spain. He is also a founding member of Dakila. Yes, he’s that actor who plays the role of an NPA member and a taong grasa in numerous films and teleseryes.

Ronnie was introduced to cinema by his father, who was a moviehouse projectionist back then. He graduated with a Commerce degree in University of St. La Salle Bacolod but loved acting more. There, he became a member of the theater and dance troupe of Peque Gallaga who later directed him (and where he first became known) in the classic movie “Oro Plata Mata.”

He was nominated for his stellar performance by the Film Academy of the Philippines in 2005 as Best Supporting Actor for the movie Panaghoy sa Sugba (Call of the River) and as Best Actor by the Gawad Urian for Ebolusyon ng Isang Pamilyang Pilipino. He has also been active in local television by being part of teleseryes like Tayong Dalawa, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, Amaya, and Joaquin Bordado. After 27 years in the industry, Ronnie won his first Gawad Urian as best actor in 2009 for his film Yanggaw. He recently acted in the Hollywood film “Amigo.”

Ronnie’s huge contribution to Philippine cinema and his never ending love affair with it and his country makes him a rare jewel to Philippine cinema and theatre, and of course, to Dakila.



Buhawi, the bassist of Franco and Parokya ni Edgar, is as hot as the weather and as cool as the wind (and his name, which literally means strong wind).

Buhawi, or Buwi as he is known, is the bassist of Parokya ni Edgar and Franco.  Buwi won as Bassist of the Year at the NU Rock Awards in 1999. Parokya ni Edgar is currently one of the country’s most popular bands, with their distinct brand of music that combines catchy melodies and goofy, tongue-in-cheek humor, and Buwi is the brains behind many of their hits, including the monster single ‘Mister Suave’.

Buwi, a graduate of the UP College of Fine Arts, is also actively involved in spreading cancer awareness. He helped found the Philippine Breast Cancer Network (PBCN) and has climbed Mt. Fuji with other breast cancer advocates for his mom, Rosa, who died of breast cancer. Despite his busy schedule, Buwi has found time to represent the Philippines in the World Marlboro Adventure Tour after finishing on the top five in the Philippine Competition. And yes, he is that guy who joined Survivor Philippines.

More than that though, Buwi has found love in advocating for the environment. He is part of the Tiktok Pilipinas campaign to stop climate change. Recently, Buwi also got involved in Greenpeace, starting a show called Buhawi Meneses Acoustic Nights, a benefit-gig to support the fight against climate change.  The passionate Buhawi is truly knocking the wind out of climate change’s sails.



Cooky is the lead vocalist of the rock band Color it Red which rose to fame in the 90s. Cooky has won awards such as the Golden Voice of Asia in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1998. Her band was selected as Best New Artist at the Awit Awards. Her voice emits a powerful blend of red-blooded sensuality and earthy confidence. Clearly, she is Pinoy Rock’s goddess. Unlike other female vocalists, Cooky doesn’t need to wear quirky or skimpy clothes to be noticed. In fact, she is comfortable with her standard black outfit and barely dons on make-up. All she needs to get the attention of her audience is her voice — and maybe with a little bit of her favorite drink on hand. This rock chick has been a steady pillar of the industry that she has become a barometer for every female vocalist that comes along. Being an icon, Cooky knows too well the amount of influence an artist can have over her fans and thus, uses her enchanting voice on songs about the nation and its people.



Bayang Barrios was said to be once a rough gem, unearthed straight from the portals of mother Earth. But this gem is now one of the powerful voices of the music industry. This Manobo (indigenous tribe in Agusan) woman’s journey started with joining Joey Ayala and Ang Bagong Lumad and soared great heights when she represented the country in the  Asian Vocalist Festival of the 1996 Hanoi Music Festival and brought home the prized Golden Award. Bayang also dabbles in theater. She took lead roles in major original musicals across like Hudhud of Dinulawan and Bugan at Gonhadan (CCP’s Tanghalang Pilipino, 2004); Panaw (Mebuyan Peace Project, 2003-2004)—entry to the Asian Women Directors’ Festival and Conference in India and the Asia-Pacific Conference of Women in the Arts in Manila; Pitong Ritwal (Asian Council for Peoples Culture-Theatre for the Environment Network, 2000-2001), which toured the country, Belgium and the Netherlands; The Moonlit Night, a Japanese play that toured key cities in Indonesia and Japan (1997-1999); and Lean, the Musicale (1997). But, Bayang’s greatest contribution is her remaining true to her roots as she  tirelessly dedicates her work and time to promote indigenous culture and music and involves herself in advocacies such as peace, women’s rights and the environment that are very much relevant to her people.



A rare blend of artistic fervor and sober reason fuel Pochoy – a briliiant musician and a human rights lawyer and advocate.

As the front man of the rock/rap/grunge band Dicta License, he penned songs carrying political and nationalistic themes addressing the Filipino youth. During the band’s peak in the mid-2000’s, they released their first album Paghilom, and received nominations and awards from MTV Pilipinas and NU 107. It was also at this time that Pochoy juggled his law studies with volunteer work for social advocacy groups Gawad Kalinga, RockEd, Visayan Forum, and Dakila.

Now a TV host of Ako Ang Simula, a lawyer by profession and always a musician at heart, Pochoy tries to marry his advocacies of civil and political rights with visceral rock music – case in point: the loud and brash Sound Rights, a concert condemning involuntary disappearances, which he organized early this year as part of his work as Programme Coordinator of the Law and Human Rights Program of The Asia Foundation. True to his passion, his current band, Malay, a “new band with an old soul”, takes off from Pochoy’s thought-provoking songwriting. He continues to pursue his advocacy work as Country Coordinator for the anti-trafficking projects of MTV Exit.



Vanni is Dakila’s resident goddess. Her Maria Makiling like beauty and grace exudes confidence whether on the dance floor, theater stage and in her advocacy work.

Vanni shines bright on stage as a contemporary dance artist and actress. She has played parts in theater and dance productions such as “Uuwi na And Nanay Kong si Darna,” “Hudhud,” “Ang Pagpatay Kay Luna,” “Pinocchio,” and “Makbet” for the Cultural Center of the Philippines.  Vanni is also a spoken word artist and jewelry designer.

But Vanni doesn’t only shine on stage. She also illuminates her artistic passion in real life through her various advocacies. Vanni worked for UNAIDS Philippines and World Vision Development Foundation and considers children’s rights and health as advocacies close to her heart. She is also one of the moving force behind BIO MODD, an open source and co-created art project fusing computer waste and living biology through computer systems with living ecosystems inside of them which when taken together form a global art project challenging presumed notions of opposition between nature and technology in different cultures.



Literally, Nityalila means ‘the Eternal Dance of Love.’ And, like her name, Nityalila’s passion and love for her music is endless. A singer-songwriter and music producer, her music is rooted in folk infused with rock and world music. Her lyrics are highly influenced by the Vedic and the Filipino culture that speaks about her heritage, essence, function, and position in life.

Nityalila Saulo is a Filipina singer-songwriter and a music producer who was born and raised in a family of Yoga practitioners and vegetarians. She was nominated Best Performance by a New Female Recording Artist at the 2008 Awit Awards. Nityalila, her band, was born out of the realization that artists and musicians have the “powers” to empower, educate, and inspire the people, especially the youth, towards embracing our own culture and from there, creating original art forms and music.

As an environment advocate, her lifestyle reflects her beliefs as she is actively involved in WOW Pinay – a group of cycling enthusiasts and is a proud member and volunteer of Yabang Pinoy, a campaign that hopes to unite the Filipino people in believing in Filipino products, in themselves and in fellow Filipinos. Nityalila is also the founder and producer of Flippyknows, a community where Filipinos all over the world converge to share creativity and technology with each other.



Vin Dancel’s name is synonymous to the rise of  independent  music in the Philippines as his former band, Twisted Halo, was one of the pioneers of indie music in the country. His present band, Peryodiko is known for writing songs with catchy melodies, melt-in-awe riffs and haunting lyrics that are also brave enough to talk about socio-political issues. Vin is also a human rights lawyer who was deeply involved in the fight of the Sumilao farmers through his involvement in the lawyers’ group, Saligan. He is actively involved in cause-oriented organizations like Rocked and RepubLikha. At present, he is Program Head of the internet-based Dig Radio.


Bon is a multimedia artist and Pinoy art advocate. He is a graduate of Industrial Design from the University of Sto. Tomas. His passion in the arts makes him dynamic in diverse art disciplines. Bon is the brains behind Agimat: Sining at Kulturang Pinoy – a website dedicated in the promotion of Filipino art and culture.

He works as Creative Director for a multimedia company. Being in love with technology, he created the comics “i3oA1: The Hitchhiker”. Surrounded by fellow filmmakers, he was involved in Production Design. As a tribute to old Filipino Art, he researched and created the animated Human Rights Infomercial “Warrant.” Bon also engages in site management, information technology, computer software diagnostics and design techniques. He is adept at conveying technical and complex information at all levels and is up to date with changes in technology through continuing education and training.  At a young age, Bon built his own company, Anino Design, which caters to a diverse clientele – from resorts in Boracay, high society fashion magazines, entertainment management, to local NGOs and artists.

He is currently teaching in UST in the College of Fine Arts and Design.



The reason behind your LSS (last song syndrome) over cheesy and heartbreaking love songs such as Oo and Tadhana is Armi Millare. The voice behind Up Dharma Down is also the heart and brain behind the lyrics of your most favorite songs. Armi’s inspiration for creating music are life and people, being deeply interested in the way people react to feelings. She doesn’t believe in the kind of music that no one gets — one person must at least be able to appreciate the transfer of feelings. She loves music like it’s something she can do forever.

Her passion for music transcends into her passion for the environment. She advocates for Tiktok Pilipinas and very recently actively involved herself in the fight to save the trees in Baguio. Armi captured her Typhoon Ondoy experience through the heartfelt song Delubyo, which she contributed to be part of the Tiktok Pilipinas lobbying kit for the People Survival Fund Bill.

Armi’s band was tagged by BBC’s Mark Cole as the Asian band to most likely cross over to North American shores and was featured in July 2007 issue of Time magazine. In 2006, Armi won at the NU 107 Rock Awards for Best Female award for vocalist and keyboardist. Not surprising for someone who started learning how to play the keyboard at 5 years old.



Ditsi is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Her films like “Minsan Lang Sila Bata” and “Bunso” deal with human rights issues such as child labor and juvenile detention. Her latest work, “Lupang Hinarang,” talks about the plight of the Sumilao and Negros Farmers and the struggle for agrarian reform in the country. Minsan Lang Sila Bata won the Gold Medal for documentary filmmaking at the 1999 New York Festival and Grand Prix Toutes Category at the 1998 Brussels Independent Film Festival.  Bunso received the Best Director award at the One World 2005 Documentary Film Festival in Prague. The power of Ditsi’s films lie in its raw and honest portrayal of the lives of her subjects. No one comes out watching Ditsi’s films without being touched and changed by it. When asked why she does films, Ditsi, the sweet looking lady, answered:  “I don’t want audiences to just feel sorry for the marginalized. I want viewers to get off their asses and do something about it.”



A native of Tondo, Manila, Jim is a multi-awarded writer, documentary filmmaker, activist, educator, television producer, and journalist. He keeps a frenetic schedule working on short films, TV documentaries for television, and literary pieces. His work includes documentaries and reportage on the eve of the wars in Iraq; the Taliban defeat and the Northern Alliance takeover in Afghanistan; the rebellions in Mindanao; the EDSA DOS uprising. Twenty years in television news and the print media  has whetted his aptitude for capturing stories about the Filipino culture and condition. While working as a newspaper journalist, he was also a labor union activist and a grassroots organizer/educator. His politico-philosophical essay, “Hegemoniya,” a reading of Philippine revolutionary situation based on post-Marxist philosophies of Ernest Laclau and Chantal Mouffe, won the Gawad Ka Armado Hernandez prize for his essay. His ultra-realist film is based on his screenplay that won the prestigious Palanca Award for literature in 2006. Jim also directed the gritty urban street gang flick Tribu and the coming-of-age football film Happy Land. Tribu won Best Film at the Cinemalaya Film Festival in 2007 and the Pari l’Avenir ‘Bet for the Future Award’ at the Festival Paris Cinema awards, the only non-European film to accomplish this.



In the 1970s, Eghai engrossed himself in Social Realism. As a student of the University of the Philippines, he was mentored by abstractionists Jose Joya, Nestor Vinluan, Alfredo Liongoren, and Constancio Bernardo. He has held exhibitions in the Philippines and in the United States, Vienna, and Essen. His achievements were recognized by the Artists League in Chicago in 1992. Roxas also represented the country in the 22nd Art Biennale in Sao Paolo in 1994. Eghai also expresses his art through performance and music. He is part of the Saturday Group that holds nude painting sessions at Conspiracy. An environmentalist by heart, Eghai heads the visual arts department of Dakila’s Climate School Project.




Whoever thought of “great things come in small packages” must have looked into the future and saw Ayeen. A force to be reckoned with even in her youth, Ayeen is Dakila’s sole Project Development Officer. She lends her invaluable initiative to several Dakila projects and campaigns.

She graduated at the top of her class as cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from the University of the Philippines Los Banos. Prior to leaving her alma mater for her work in Dakila, she garnered a slew of prestigious awards: Outstanding Student – Speech Communication major, Alumni Association Outstanding Student Leadership Award, College of Arts and Sciences Medal of Merit for Academic Excellence. She is also a 2011 CALABARZON Regional Winner and National Finalist for the Ten Oustanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP).

She has published an article for Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Young Blood section entitled “Heaven Not for Gays?” as part of her advocacy in gender equality. If she’s not too busy entangling herself with words, she’s busy looking at her laughing star at night.



A graduate of the University of the Philippines Los Banos with a degree in biology, KT as she is most commonly known, hails from Palawan and thus, advocates strongly on the environment. A swimmer and triathlete, this lady can easily defeat a mermaid in a swimming competition. She has dreamed of becoming an astronaut and takes a leap closer to her dream as she pursues on to study aviation.







Get ready to fill your stomach with gas when Isko is around. A natural comedian, he is part of the comedy dance group Cardio Boys. He also never fails to make his audience laugh with his spiels when he performs for his band FMD Combo. Want proof? How about a song called Jejemon as a spoof of Justin Bieber’s Baby?

Isko’s genius is in his songwriting. His mind bursts of witty and hilarious spoof of the most popular songs – from Bamboo’s Alleluia to Kamikazee’s Narda. But, do not be fooled by this man’s comic side because inside is a serious songwriter who can easily dish out sentimental love songs and socio-political anthems. Isko is a living proof that we should not judge a book by its cover. Because in spite of his rock star persona, loud antics and rastafari looks is a man with a heart that truly cares for the oppressed in the society.



No, it isn’t the Sound of Music and no, you are not hearing whistling bagpipes from Scotland. It’s just Melvin, playing his trumpet. But he might as well be part of the Von Trapp family, what with his musical skills. He started playing the trumpet when he was 10 and has since then never stopped. He has been with his band Jeepney Joyride for 13 years.

However, most would know Melvin as the gatekeeper of Dakila. He watches over his domain like a true knight – loyal and with great valor. But, like any true superhero, our Melvin also has an alter-ego – a teacher. Of course he teaches music. Looking for a trumpet/flute teacher to teach your kids this summer? Melvin is your man!




Cha is an eloquent writer and one of the managing partner of CherryLime Productions. A graduate of Communication Arts of Miriam College, her work won Best Thesis in her school, which eventually inspired her to embrace filmmaking. The romantic in her made her churn out writings for her school’s literary folio, Fragments and publication, Chi-Rho while she was also President of the French Club Le Club Francais. She has directed several short films and is in charge of the creative direction of the production company Cherry Lime. Besides taking the responsibility behind the camera, Cha also dabbles in stage production having been part of the theater group, Teatro Kolehiyo ng Miriam. A true Jim Morisson fan and rocker at heart, her passion for the arts cannot rival her dedication to her true gem – Kelseypot. The intensity of Cha’s passions do not only reflect in her art and hair styles but also in the advocacies she keeps close in her heart.



When people are not looking, Mon is truly a dance machine. The better half of CherryLime Productions is a gifted dancer. Also a graduate of Communication Arts of Miriam College, Monique manages the technical direction of Cherry Lime. She specializes in sound design and cinematography.  Her artistic inclinations started with being a member of the Miriam High School Pep Squad and the street dance Company of One. She later explored theater as a member of the Teatro Kolehiyo ng Miriam and music as guitarist of the band Desdemona and eventually as a percussionist. Mon considers the protection of the environment and gender rights as her advocacies.





Ryan is one of the founders and the first president of Dakila -UPLB collective, the first local collective of Dakila. A communications major, Ryan has a knack for writing though he might not seem like it. Literally standing out in the crowd, this big guy is a fratman who always seems to intimidate with his confidence. But, get to know him and you’ll see he can make you laugh through his witty and sarcastic comments.



Tootoots is a seasoned photographer whose talent always aims to break free from the conventional. A jack of all trades, he has ventured in to film directing, sound and editing but remains true to his unconventional styles. His naturally inquisitive and dysfunctional mind breeds brilliant concepts that add flavor and twist not only in his art but also in his various advocacies.







Marga is a graduate of Mass Communications at La Consolacion College in Manila. She established Cine Mendiola, a film festival among Mendiola-based schools during her senior year. She eventually worked for Dakila as a Coordinator of the 17 city tour of the Active Vista Film Festival. Marga dabbles in event management, acting and visual arts. While saccharine sweet looking on the outside, Marga is a martial arts expert that can easily churn out karate chops when provoked.






A graduate of Communication Arts from Miriam College, and having had two years worth of writing courses from the University of the Philippines Diliman and De La Salle University, Claire is truly an accomplished writer. She claims to have picked the pen at a young age of 9 and started writing professionally by 19. She has written for a slew of publications such as The Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Philippine Star, Manila Times, Preview, and Good Housekeeping. She has also written short stories published in Philippine Graphic, Philippine Free Press, Diario Filipino, Women’s Journal, and Pulp. Claire busies herself these days playing doting mother and freelance public relation consultant.



Lea is a Social Work graduate of the College of Community and Social Welfare Development in UP Diliman. She works at the Department of Social Welfare and Development and at the same time practices her outstanding entrepreneurial skills managing her own businesses.



Dante’s surname sets fear to some people and commands respect to most.  Being a son of the famous revolutionary and labor leader who was murdered at the steps of Bahay ng Alumni in UP Diliman after the Edsa Dos, it was inevitable for Dante to embrace the progressive movement. His leadership skills as a frat man in college eventually proved useful as he now heads a transport and labor group.



Benjie has been practicing photography for 26 years. He is also a multimedia artist, dabbling in graphic arts and website design. He has been a development worker actively involved in his community in Malabon and as employee of the local government. Benjie’s advocacy led him to utilize his talent for his various endeavors whether standing up for slain journalists, protecting the environment or ensuring good governance.



Kate is a BA Political Science graduate of De La Salle University and is currently taking her Masters in Anthropology at the University of the Philippines.  As a student leader, she was Secretary General of the De La Salle Student Council and took part in various campaigns inside and outside the campus. A staunch environmentalist, she worked for three years at the WWF run El Nido Resort in Palawan where she learned about environment conservation.  Her passion in the environment and politics led her to take her studies further and dig history through archaeological lenses as she tries to find solutions to social problems of our times.



Kints to Dakila is Queen of Independent Cinema in the Philippines. She has acted in Lav Diaz films such as “Butterflies Have no Memories,” has translated movies of Lav Diaz (12 hour Lav Diaz films is not a walk in the park), and has been included in books produced by Khavn dela Cruz. Kints insists on leaving her profile blank (or as short as possible) as she says she is a work in progress.

But to us, Kints is synonymous to Active Vista – as she is the heart of Dakila’s Human Rights Film Festival. To us, Kints is the ultimate fashionista. Her ability to mix weird pieces together is brilliant. Kints is the intellectual – her passion for information, analytical discussion and philosophical blabbers is contagious. And, most importantly, she is Dakila’s resident lover girl – the girl who would do anything for love whether fly to cold, cold Iceland, sail a thousand seas to splendid Netherlands or endure 12 hour bus rides to set foot on simple Bicolandia.






DAKILA in UP Los Baños is a collective of students and faculty dedicated to build a movement that inspires heroism towards social transformation through innovative and creative approaches. It was formed on 8 November 2008 when Prof. Wensley Reyes and Prof. Bong Ventura approached a group of 8 students who wanted to be dynamically involved in activities geared toward achieving the common good within the university setting.

The collective has come a long way from its humble beginnings at the Villa Mamita Resort in Pansol three years ago. Membership expanded once they made their presence known around campus with various activities namely, a partnership with Belgian artist Angelo Vermeulen’s Biomodd [LBA2] exhibit in August 2009, OXFAM and DAKILA’s “tik tok rok” kick – off symposium in September 2009, as well as bringing the Active Vista Film Festival to UP Los Baños in August 2010.  Most recently, DAKILA participated in the UPLB Fair in February 2011. The organization sought to raise awareness about the effects of climate change and how we can work to remedy it by hosting a concert featuring DAKILA artists and Tiktok Pilipinas advocates.



PWU Fine Arts-DAKILA, the newest collective to have been formally organized, is founded by Dakila members and PWU instructors Ralph Eya and Andrei Venal who now serve as the group’s mentors. With a core group leading the organization, the first activity of Dakila-SFAD was a film showing under the Active Vista Film Festival held last December 1, 2011.

Dakila-SFAD envisions an art community deeply involved in social issues and concerns.  SFAD-Dakila is willing to share and utilize their talents and dedicate their time for a cause as they have always believed that students of the Fine Arts department can make a difference.



It all started when Tado Jimenez, a Marikeno, and L.A Francisco, a PLMar student discussed certain student issues. When Tado opened a conversation about Dakila, the rest, as they say, is history.

Dakila conducted its first activity in PLMar, a leadership training and seminar which was attended by all student leaders and aspiring Central Student Government officers. Last October, Dakila-PLMar held its second activity to help promote the bid of Puerto Princesa Underground River for the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The organization took initiative to set-up an online voting booth for 3 days inside the campus. Dakila-PLMar continues to push for every Dakila advocacy and promote and social consciousness formation and involvement among their schoolmates.



The collective started through the initiative of Carlo Benganio, an IT student at Mapúa Makati and a Dakila member since 2006 whom, together with his colleagues, felt the need for Mapúans to be aware of social issues outside the corners of their campus. Thus, with the aid of the core members, Dakila Mapúa was launched and introduced to the college in April 2011 during the event RockAdemics (a major school activity by the student council, aided by Dakila) and was formally recognized last June 2011.

Dakila-Mapua aims to share with other students and professors the values of awareness, education, and involvement regarding the situations and concerns of our country. The organization aspires to integrate Dakila’s values with the Mapúan lifestyle.



Dakila Cebu owes its existence to Katya Zialcita who despite being the only member of Dakila in Cebu in 2005 held the fort till Cebu expanded into a full blown local collective. And, when the second member, Stephanie Claros came along, together they steered the advocacies of Dakila with the launching of Peacetahan 2008: Galing at Sining Para sa Karapatan at Kalinaw where Dakila President Lourd de Veyra, together with Tado Jimenez, went on a school tour to promote the event.

However it was in June 2010, when the Active Vista Film Festival screened in different schools around the province, that Dakila was able to reach a wider audience in Cebu. In June 2011, the Digibak workshops held in Cebu brought together different people interested in forming a Dakila local collective and become more involved in social issues through creative means. Dakila Cebu aims to awaken the inner heroes in Cebuanos and to keep the six-year-old fire of nobility that is DAKILA burning for the yonder years to come.



Dakila Bagong Silang started with 3 community youth leaders and now has expanded to a 55-member local collective. Their heart for advocacies such as the environment and children’s rights, coupled with  their interest in the arts, led them to form Dakila-Bagong Silang.

The local collective has done many activities such as Anti-Littering Campaign, Anti-Corporal Punishment and Positive Discipline cCmpaign, and Mural Painting for the Environment. They believe that the capacity and talent of each member, when combined, are essential in pushing for change and development.

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